Argentina Force Lionel Messi Most Mandatory

Argentina Force Lionel Messi Most Mandatory

Argentina is under special scrutiny. Not because the achievement is a concern but Argentina is showing bad performances.

Latest, Lionel Messi and his friends were held 1-1 by Venezuela in World Cup 2018 World Cup qualifying match at El Monumental Stadium, Buenos Aires, Tuesday (5/9/2017) or Wednesday morning WIB.

Argentina is highly favored for three points in this match. Not without cause Albiceleste unseeded because Venezuela is the basic occupant of the standings alias caretaker.

However, Argentina who menghujamkan 21 shots throughout the game, only able to create a goal. Worse yet, Tim Tango’s goal comes only from the slain of suicide Venezuelan player, Rolf Feltscher.

Apparently, the current Messi generation is currently undergoing the most negative trends. Since the Conmebol World Cup Qualifiers used the new format in 1998, Argentina have never packed less than 20 goals in 16 games.

Their best record occurred in World Cup Qualification 2002. At that time, Argentina was able to carve 39 goals and carve 12 wins.

Meanwhile, their lowest achievement appears in World Cup Qualification 2010, when just poured 20 goals and won six wins.

Not unexpectedly, the decline of Argentina’s performance in World Cup Qualification 2010 contagious to the current generation. Currently, Messi cs just scored 16 goals!

Not surprisingly, they are still stuck in the fifth rank of the standings with a collection of 24 points.

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