Satria Tama and Kartika Ajie Appear Flat, Goalkeeper Coach Low


Satria Tama and Kartika Ajie Appear Flat, Goalkeeper Coach Low

Coach U-22 national team goalkeeper Eduardo Perez, modestly when asked about the neat appearance of two foster children at the SEA Games 2017.

It was pronounced Eduardo Perez after the arrival of the Indonesian U-22 national team in Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Tangerang, Banten, Wednesday (08/30/2017) night local time.

Two U-22 national team goalkeepers stole attention with heroic appearance throughout SEA Games 2017.

They are Satria Tama and Kartia Kartika Ajie.

“It’s not because of me, they have that ability,” Eduardo told

In the group phase, Indonesia is the most difficult team to break into. Together with Thailand, Red and White squad just conceded a goal.

Peak appearance of Tama and Ajie seen in game counter Vietnam.

Tama who appeared as a starter able to withstand the onslaught of an opponent before he was injured.

Ajie who came on for Tama also made a crucial save in the final minutes of the match.

A goalless draw in the game that paved the way Indonesia to the semifinals.

Essien impression in Indonesia, from Serui to Riding the War Vehicle

Essien impression in Indonesia, from Serui to Riding the War Vehicle

Marquee player Persib Bandung, Michael Essien, open voice about his new experience undergoing away games in League 1 competition.

The distant location of the league of clubs participating in League 1 led to some early action must be taken in a long and exhausting journey.

Essien already feel the game away Persib to Perseru Serui headquarters located in Yapen Islands, Papua.

The former Chelsea player revealed that the journey to Serui from Bandung takes 24 hours.

“There is one place that makes me quite dizzy, that is Serui.It is a journey almost 24 hours from Bandung to Serui,” Essien said in an interview on the official Persib’s YouTube video account.

“It was very memorable for me because there is one new experience there,” he said.

Not only Serui, Essien for the first time feel the need to ride rantis vehicle when Maung Bandung travel to Arema FC headquarters, Saturday (08/12/2017).

“It was a new experience for me (ride rantis) .Travel in the vehicle of war is very exaggerated,” said the player from Ghana.

“In Europe we have never seen anything like this, but it’s all for safety, so it’s okay.This is an experience again for me, the first time I ride a combat vehicle and I feel I will go for a fight,” he said.

The arrival of Spaso Bekin Dendi Sulistyawan more passionate

The arrival of Spaso Bekin Dendi Sulistyawan more passionate

Joining Ilija Spasojevic with Bhayangkara FC made the young striker Dendi Sulistyawan admitted more passionate. He believes Bhayangkara FC will be able to achieve this season.

Spaso has shown his ability when melakoni debut. He scored one goal and one assists at overthrowing Sriwijaya 2-1 in the League 1 streak at the Patriot Stadium in Bekasi on Sunday (08/20/2017).

“All would have known the quality of Spaso. Of course his arrival makes me more excited and more motivated to show the best for the team when later believed to appear by the coach, “said Dendi when contacted, Wednesday (23/08/2017).

Dendi also judge, the arrival of Spaso will make the competition for the position of starter positions in the front line Bhayangkara FC increasingly competitive. He claimed to be trying to look up when it gets trust.

“The entry of Spaso clearly makes the competition for the position of starter position on the front line is quite competitive. I will learn a lot from him, so that later if believed to appear to be more leverage, “he said.

Dendi also considered, the glory of Spaso in his debut action can not be separated from the rapid adaptation process that successfully done former Melaka United bomber.

“Previously he had been playing here, so must have known the atmosphere of Indonesian football. In addition, Indonesian Spaso also smoothly and facilitate communication with other players, “said the former Persela Lamongan striker.

Bhayangkara FC is scheduled to face Persegres Gresik United host in the next game. Duel will take place on Saturday (8/26/2017).

Screening of Indonesia U-19 National Team Delayed, This is the reason

Screening of Indonesia U-19 National Team Delayed, This is the reason

Indra Sjafri revealed the reason for delaying the write-off of Indonesian national team U-19 earlier this week Agen Sbobet. Apparently, he still wants to see the best potential of his foster children.

Currently the number of Indonesian national team players U-19 is 28 people. While players who will be registered for the 2019 U-19 Asian Cup Qualification numbered 23 people.

“We want to see more details, so players can play in two positions,” he said after training in the Field UNY, Monday (14/08/2017) afternoon.

“Currently we are a lot of stock midfielders.That’s why I try some new positions on some players, especially on the front lines,” he added.

He said, the possibility of reduction of players will be made on Wednesday (08/16/2017) or Friday (18/08/2017) after the internal game. Related match test with PSIM, Indra said there is no certainty.

“We want the same rhythm as the AFF Cup in Myanmar, which is to play after it’s a two-day break,” said Indra who successfully brought the Indonesia Under-19 team to the AFF Cup champions in 2013.

PSIS Will Use Kendund Kebundalem Stadium if Identity Is Fixed

Yoyok Sukawi  saat meninjau lapangan sepakbola Kebundalem Kendal.

PSIS Will Use Kendund Kebundalem Stadium if Identity Is Fixed

PSIS Semarang will use Main Stadium Kebundalem Kendal, Central Java Membentuk Otot Perut Wanita. This option is selected when the Semarang Jatidiri Stadium is fixed.

PSIS takes this step because Kendal regency is adjacent to city. Moreover, Kebundalem Stadium worthy to be used to hold a match.

Chief Executive Officer of PSIS Semarang, Yoyok Sukawi, said that currently the newest rear tribune is being renovated. Thus, Jatidiri Stadium can still be used to host opponents.

“We’re just going to move the field suits in bulldozers, if we do not and do not endanger the audience, we still wear them,” Yoyok said.

Yoyok added, the lack of Kebundalem Stadium only on the lights. Therefore, Kendal community pride stadium has not installed lights so it can not be used for night matches.

“Later we ask to PSSI, for the game in the afternoon,” said Yoyok, who claimed not to know when the football field Jatidiri repaired.

In relation to that, the head of Kendal Sports and Tourism Agency, Tavip Purnomo, said that it does not matter when the Kebundalem soccer field is used by PSIS. His side even happy, because Kendal can be known.

“But it all depends on the district head, and if the regent allows us to continue,” said Tavip.

According to Tavip, Kebundalem Stadium can accommodate about 25,000 spectators. But he was worried about the riots. Because the location of the stadium is close to the village.

Monitor Centralized Exercise in Bali, Chairman of PSSI Become Goalkeeper

Monitor Centralized Exercise in Bali, Chairman of PSSI Become Goalkeeper
Chairman of the All Indonesia Football Association (PSSI), Edy Rahmayadi, directly monitored the training camp of U-19 and U-22 national team at Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Bali on Thursday (6/7/2017).

U-19 and U-22 national team undergo centralization for a week in Bali since 30 June 2017 ago. On this occasion, the Chairman of PSSI also took the opportunity to play in a friendly match between PSSI Plus face the football team Journalist Bali.

In the game, Edy Rahmayadi was asked to be the goalkeeper of PSSI Plus. Edy apparently quite ciamik was under the crossbar.

In the 2 x 25 minute match, he managed to secure the net without conceding.

From monitoring, besides following a friendly match, Edy also participated in short training with national team players. He was seen running along with the players.

On the occasion, Edy said, with the age of 56 years, he admitted quite confused while catching the ball.

“Fatigue does not, just confusion has not held the ball for a long time,” he said.

Malaysia striker “Clear” Indonesian national team from SEA Games Competition Map

Malaysia striker “Clear” Indonesian national team from SEA Games Competition Map

Malaysia’s U-22 national team striker, Muhammad Syafiq Ahmad, considers Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar, as a tough opponent to watch out for the Malaysian Tiger nicknamed the SEA Games in 2017 in August Bandar Judi SBOBET.

“I am more worried about Myanmar, in addition to Thailand and Vietnam, they have proven it to the final (SEA Games 2015) in Singapore,” said Syafiq.

“They’ve played in the U-20 World Cup, I think the same players can still play in the SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur,” the 21-year-old added.

Syafiq is likely to be the backbone of Ong Kim Swee’s troops in the SEA Games later.

The attacker Kedah FA is also a part of the Malaysian national team in SEA Games 2015. At that time, Malaysia failed to qualify for the semi-finals because finishing third in the group standings.

However, according to Syafiq, Malaysia will perform better considering the appearance at home.

“We are playing at home and we should try to be champions, but we need to get through the group phase first,” he said.