PSIS Will Use Kendund Kebundalem Stadium if Identity Is Fixed

Yoyok Sukawi  saat meninjau lapangan sepakbola Kebundalem Kendal.

PSIS Will Use Kendund Kebundalem Stadium if Identity Is Fixed

PSIS Semarang will use Main Stadium Kebundalem Kendal, Central Java Membentuk Otot Perut Wanita. This option is selected when the Semarang Jatidiri Stadium is fixed.

PSIS takes this step because Kendal regency is adjacent to city. Moreover, Kebundalem Stadium worthy to be used to hold a match.

Chief Executive Officer of PSIS Semarang, Yoyok Sukawi, said that currently the newest rear tribune is being renovated. Thus, Jatidiri Stadium can still be used to host opponents.

“We’re just going to move the field suits in bulldozers, if we do not and do not endanger the audience, we still wear them,” Yoyok said.

Yoyok added, the lack of Kebundalem Stadium only on the lights. Therefore, Kendal community pride stadium has not installed lights so it can not be used for night matches.

“Later we ask to PSSI, for the game in the afternoon,” said Yoyok, who claimed not to know when the football field Jatidiri repaired.

In relation to that, the head of Kendal Sports and Tourism Agency, Tavip Purnomo, said that it does not matter when the Kebundalem soccer field is used by PSIS. His side even happy, because Kendal can be known.

“But it all depends on the district head, and if the regent allows us to continue,” said Tavip.

According to Tavip, Kebundalem Stadium can accommodate about 25,000 spectators. But he was worried about the riots. Because the location of the stadium is close to the village.

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