The arrival of Spaso Bekin Dendi Sulistyawan more passionate

The arrival of Spaso Bekin Dendi Sulistyawan more passionate

Joining Ilija Spasojevic with Bhayangkara FC made the young striker Dendi Sulistyawan admitted more passionate. He believes Bhayangkara FC will be able to achieve this season.

Spaso has shown his ability when melakoni debut. He scored one goal and one assists at overthrowing Sriwijaya 2-1 in the League 1 streak at the Patriot Stadium in Bekasi on Sunday (08/20/2017).

“All would have known the quality of Spaso. Of course his arrival makes me more excited and more motivated to show the best for the team when later believed to appear by the coach, “said Dendi when contacted, Wednesday (23/08/2017).

Dendi also judge, the arrival of Spaso will make the competition for the position of starter positions in the front line Bhayangkara FC increasingly competitive. He claimed to be trying to look up when it gets trust.

“The entry of Spaso clearly makes the competition for the position of starter position on the front line is quite competitive. I will learn a lot from him, so that later if believed to appear to be more leverage, “he said.

Dendi also considered, the glory of Spaso in his debut action can not be separated from the rapid adaptation process that successfully done former Melaka United bomber.

“Previously he had been playing here, so must have known the atmosphere of Indonesian football. In addition, Indonesian Spaso also smoothly and facilitate communication with other players, “said the former Persela Lamongan striker.

Bhayangkara FC is scheduled to face Persegres Gresik United host in the next game. Duel will take place on Saturday (8/26/2017).

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